Resisting Detention & Immigration Bonds

Resisting Detention & Immigration Bonds

If ICE has detained your loved one, you want them OUT.  Considering the effect on your family, your job, your health and your case, getting released is the most important part of your life.  And the clock is ticking.  When you hire Immigos to resist detention or get a bond, we get to work IMMEDIATELY.  We work fast; we work hard.  We know the system and what judges and ICE want.  We will guide you each step of the way so your loved one is released.  

Bond Return

So you won your case, you are not being deported, and now you want the government to give back the thousands of dollars you posted in bond.  Sounds easy, right?  But now you find that friendly bond agent skipped town… or you lost all the bond documents… or you are no longer in contact with the bond obligor.  If you hired Immigos to get your bond, you should have everything in order.  But if you didn’t, we’ll find your documents and get your bond back.  We never take a percentage of your bond.

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