Federal Litigation

There are times that you need to take your immigration case to the federal courts.  Many federal judges are much more sympathetic to your issues than immigration agencies like USCIS, ICE, immigration courts, and the Department of Labor.  Oftentimes, federal litigation is the only option to win your case, when everything else has failed.  At this point in your case, you need immigration attorneys who are skilled and experienced in litigation.

Here are some questions you can ask to see if your case might be ripe for federal litigation: 

  • Has your application been pending with the government for too long without a decision?  
  • Are you stuck in ICE detention and can’t get out?  
  • Did your immigration agency appeal get denied?  
  • Did the government deny your naturalization application?  
  • Did the government revoke your U.S. citizenship?
  • Has the government violated your civil rights?  

One nice thing about federal litigation is that sometimes merely filing the lawsuit gets a quick result out of court.  And sometimes the court will order the government to pay your legal fees.

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