Removal Proceedings (Deportation Defense)

If you or a loved one are facing removal/deportation from the U.S., don’t lose hope.  Sometimes, being placed in removal proceedings actually HELPS you to get a green card or other benefit.  Our attorneys know of many different paths to removal relief, and we have years of experience negotiating with the government and judges for our clients.      

If you or a loved on is detained in an ICE facility, you need to talk to an attorney IMMEDIATELY.  The government will not hesitate to deport you, and it is common to be transferred to different detention facilities all over the U.S.  We know this is one of the most stressful situations you’ve ever been in.  Our attorneys will listen to your situation and be honest with you.  If there is no path forward, we will let you know so you can save your money.  If you are eligible, we will fight for every advantage for you to win your freedom and keep you in the U.S. 

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