How can I travel abroad on expired conditional green card?

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How to travel if your conditional permanent residence card-2 years conditional green card has expired or is going to expire.
1. Your first step is you need to file your petition to remove the conditions within that 90 day window before your two year card expires, you will be issued a receipt notice that will extend your green card for a period of time, as long as you travel within the validity period of that extension, carry your original green card and the original receipt notice extending that status with your valid passport you should be okay to travel internationally during that period of extension;
2. In some situations the processing to remove the conditions is taking longer than the extension is provided or maybe you didn’t file an extension or there’s some other situation that you’re dealing with…what you need to do is to get an ADIT stamp issued by USCIS, also known as an I-551 stamp, this is a stamp that will show proof of your lawful permanent residents status;
3. If you’re stuck abroad and you have the ADIT stamp and they’re still not allowed you to board the plane to come back home, in that situation you may need to apply for what it’s called a boarding foil to return home.

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