Asylee Life Hacks – pdf

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Chatting with clients recently, Immigos was shocked to learn that many asylees are wasting valuable time and money on unnecessary work permits and complicated efforts to obtain green cards. Join Immigos owner Attorney Alex Wiker as he discusses useful knowledge every asylee or refugee in the U.S. should know. This short video discusses how to save money on work permits, special asylee fast tracks to green cards and U.S. citizenship, foreign travel permits, and bringing immediate relatives to the U.S.

Questions this video answers:

Do asylees and refugees need a work permit?

Do asylees and refugees need to renew work permits?

How can asylees and refugees get a green card?

How can asylees and refugees travel abroad?

How can asylees and refugees bring family members to the United States?

How can asylees and refugees become U.S. citizens?

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